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Manolin, like many other Seattle restaurants, has decided to switch away from a policy of tipping. This has been a difficult decision for us as owners to make. The three of us are life-long restaurant workers who have experienced the joys and advantages of working for tips. But, we are presently faced with some obstacles and need to ensure that we can take care of our staff so they can take care of you!  So, we will now apply a 20% service charge to your bill and remove the tip line. To shed a little light on our decision we decided to write a little bit about the two main reasons we are making this change, followed by how the service charge will be handled.

1) Establishing greater pay equity between front of house (service staff) and back of house (kitchen). Splitting tips with kitchen staff is illegal. Splitting service charge is not. See this article:

2) Offsetting the cost of a rising minimum wage. We will use some of the service charge to bring tipped employees to the $15/hour mark. These employees will continue to make much more than the $15 minimum wage.


so..... Here is how we will handle the service charge at Manolin:

We take in a 20% service charge.

3% will go towards increased salaries in the back of house.

17% will go towards paying the service staff. A portion of the 17% will be used to begin paying servers, hosts, and bartenders $15/hour. The remainder is added to the servers pay (just like tips would be) based on number of hours worked per day.

If you have more questions about our service charge procedures, feel free to drop us a line via email or phone. We'd love to talk more about it. And Thank You for the support!


Manolin is a character from “The Old Man and The Sea”, a novel by Ernest Hemingway. Manolin was established in December 2014 by Joe Sundberg, Rachel Johnson, Patrick Thalasinos, and Chef Alex Barkley.
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